Mezzo is an entirely new family of loudspeakers from British audiophile brand Mordaunt-Short which boast to offer staggering performance and earth-shattering design techniques whilst delivering value for money.

The foundations of the range are the Mezzo 2 standmount and Mezzo 6 floorstander and which make up a two-channel stereo system, although these two designs will soon be joined by a complete multi-channel range.

Despite its compact size, the Mezzo 2 claims to produce a remarkably expansive sound and integrates into any environment while the Mezzo 6 provides additional bass extension.

Shown at the recent Munich Show, the key features for these new loudspeakers read as follows:

• Curved cabinet design to reduce standing waves
• All new Aspirated Tweeter Technology
• Latest generation 6.5-inch Continuous Profile Cone (CPC) mid/bass drivers
• 25mm aluminium dome tweeter which is light but incredibly rigid to reduce distortion
• Sound deadened driver baskets for low distortio
• Audiophile grade components throughout

The speakers come with easily removable magnetic grilles which sit neatly flush against the baffle while a choice of either light oak or dark walnut cabinet finishes.

Don’t upgrade your sound system just yet - the full 5.1 system will be launched and demoed at IFA in Berlin at the end of August/beginning of September, we'll report more nearer the time…