Summer is coming (no, really, it is) and you'll be needing a whole new set of gadgetry to get you sorted for that glamorous, sunny, outdoor lifestyle that you'll no doubt be leading for the next three sun-drenched months.

First on our shopping list is the Lil Buddy from too-cool-for-school snowboarding brand Burton.

Part of Burton's new Spring/Summer range, this fetching man-bag has an internal drinks cooler (it's the dream!) that can hold 12 cans or two bottles.

If that's not good enough (and it's quite good) then the bag also houses stereo speakers which are iPod compatible.

The whole thing is weather resistant so if the famed British summer does what it's best at and turns rainy you'll have enough time to safely get it back into the dry.

Oh, one more finishing touch worthy of a mention – the zipper pull is actually a bottle opener.

Burton, we salute you!

The Lil Buddy costs £35, link to the site below. Different colours are available if the chequered orange is too much for you.