Marantz are describing the new SA-7S1 Super Audio CD Player as "most refined product to date" and glancing down the specs you can see why this might be justified.

Clad in a gold finish that fronts the tank-like metal chassis, implementing state-of-the-art engineering, and using the very finest materials to an unprecedented level of craftsmanship, Marantz is claiming the SA-7S1 is worth its colossal 22kg weight in gold.

High-end finishes and tweaks cover the SA-7S1; copper-plated case and components, double bottom plate, a low-noise LCD display, extruded aluminium die-cast metal CD tray using micro precision metals, fully balanced dual-differential circuit topology, superior digital filtering, full and complete separation of digital and analogue sections, a pair of mono DACs - each comprising four separate processors - for both DSD and 24-bit PCM audio playback, High Definition Amplifier Modules and each player is washed in the tears of Mongolian virgin before being put on sale.

Okay, we may have made that last item up, but this promises to be a truly top-drawer product offering amazingly supreme and pure sound.

The SA-7S1 will be available from June 2007 for £4999.90.