Griffin has unveiled another development in its specialist iPod accessory range, this time for the iPod Shuffle.

For owners of the 2nd generation iPod shuffle getting the music to blast out has been a challenge, well until now - so Griffin wants you to know.

A special Dock Adapter has been developed to offer owners the opportunity to use speaker systems, and other audio/MP3 players for that matter, that could previously only be used by full-sized docking iPod models.

It's only a small piece of technology that slips into the dock bay of a speaker system and attaches to the shuffle or Mp3 player, through a 3mm jack.

The Dock Adapter features a slider switch that toggles between Charge/Sync and Audio Play modes. In Charge/Sync Mode, the Dock Adapter will allow data transfer and iTunes synchronisation to and from the attached iPod shuffle as it charges the battery. The Audio Mode does exactly that, plays music.

The Dock Adapter for iPod shuffle is priced at £12.99 and will be available from the end of May.