Linx has made Bluetooth incredibly sexy by introducing this small cigar-holder shaped portable stereo player.

The B-TUBE combines high-design, tech innovation and of course style to give you a music player as well as a speakerphone.

The system can wirelessly transfer A2DP stereo music from a mobile phone, computer and MP3 player within a 10-metre range. It incorporates the latest Bluetooth 2.0 technology that also supports phone calls.

The in-built microphone can make and receive calls from any Bluetooth-enabled mobile handset. With an aluminium exterior it is likely to get mistaken for anything other than a music player.

A rechargeable li-ion rechargeable battery, providing up to 6 hours of playtime, powers the B-TUBE system. An AC adapter comes together with the B-TUBE system can also power it.

The non-bulky design would look great next to any high-design gadgets you may have.

It is available now for £49.99.