There are several thousand iPod accessories on the market, and here's another to add to your collection. The i-Station IS10 for all your early morning rises.

Handily enough, the alarm clock iPod dock does seem to allow you to choose your music collection or the radio for your wake up calls. The iPod just sits in the centre of the 2.1 stereo alarm clock radio.

The i-Station combines two full range speakers and subwoofer plus features a backlit LCD screen with three dimmer levels with the time. It can program the clock with two alarms for different times.

When you're not happy with the chosen playlist, it can be changed with its infra-red remote control. The remote can also reset the alarm or send it to snooze-mode.

Furthermore, The i-Station IS10 also includes a built-in rechargeable battery so when the power goes settings won’t be lost.

The alarm clock can be synchronised with a PC or Mac via its rear mounted mini USB connector and USB Cable. It can also be used with any other music play through its 3.5mm stereo line-in.

Available from early May for £69.99.