Music listeners fed up with wires have been offered a wirefree alternative from GEAR4, the company that makes iPod and MP3 player accessories.

The company has announced BluPhones, a set of wireless stereo headphones for Bluetooth-enabled mobile phones, laptops and MP3 players like Samsung’s T9 launched earlier this year.

Weighing only 26g, the BluPhones claim to be one of the lightest and smallest Bluetooth stereo headsets in the world.

Costing under £50 the headphones can be used with any A2DP-enabled mobile phone and automatically alert you to incoming calls before pausing your tunes allowing you to answer the call via a small multi-function button on the headset. After you have finished the call, your tunes will automatically restart.

The BluPhones offer five hours music playing / talk time and 60 hours standby time.

They are available now from the company’s website.