Arcam has released its first dock for iPods, the rDock.

The dock is a standalone device that you then connect to your existing speakers or Hi-Fi system. It's designed for use with the Arcam Solo and Solo Movie system, but works with other as well.

It features an intelligent charging system that you can program to "charge-off" so that you can use it and let it drain ready for a complete recharge.

Arcam also claims that sound quality is better when listening to music running off the iPod battery alone, without charging.

The rDock includes a pre-amp for iPod with high performance op-amps and low noise, double-regulated power supplies.

When integrated with the Arcam Solo, the iPod can be controlled with the remote, and music information will be shown on the Solo's front-panel display.

The Arcam rDock is available for £130.