Hi-Fi makers Meridian and Ferrari have this week unveiled the F80, a complete home entertainment system that carries an Art Deco design and promises to offer a performance matching the cars from the famous brand.

Under the hood of the £1495 system is a DAB/FM/AM tuner, a CD and DVD player.

Sound is provided by an audio engine comprising three power amps, delivering over 80 watts to the two front speakers and integral rear subwoofer. By comparison, the average transistor radio outputs less than 5 watts.

The densely packed electronics are housed in a solid die-cast metal base and the loudspeakers are mounted within incredibly inert, separate enclosures created from a special alloy-injected composite.

Completing the design is an ergonomic, smart-button interface – with a crystal-clear organic LED display – incorporating automatic station name labelling amongst a range of intelligent programming features.

Hand built in the UK to the very highest standards, in Meridian’s manufacturing facility in Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire, the F80 is available now in five official Ferrari colours, while limited edition luxury finishes will be unveiled later this year.