iPod accessory repository iWorld.co.uk has two new products on its virtual shelves, the Voix MPX speaker system and the FunKit Animated DJ Speaker System.

Voix MPX is a 2.1 stereo system that incorporates an iPod dock as well as a 3.5mm earphone jack so that you can plug non-iPod portable players, TVs, and laptops into it as well.

The two black towers contain 18W aluminium cone neodymium magnet-driven speakers, as well as a one-inch tweeter unit.

The included subwoofer puts out a whopping 35W, which is in the base unit of the mpx active speaker.

Voix MPX is available now for £270.

Also available from iWorld.co.uk is the animated DJ gadget, which contains a docking station and reacts to the music with dancing, "record scratching", and random DJ catchphrases.

The dock contains Altec-Lansing speakers, an input jack for other audio devices, and a USB port - look out for it now for £80.