We've seen some weird iPod speakers in our time, but nothing as weird as the dancing flowers and snakes from toy maker character.

Bringing the dancing flowers craze of the 1990s in to the 21st century, Character is introducing Movin’ & Groovin’ Flowers.

The new line takes everything that was popular in the 90s and brings it up to date using the latest technology.

Just plug in an iPod, MP3 Player or CD Player and see the flowers move and groove to the music. The range will also include Movin’ & Groovin’ Snakes.


If flowers aren't your thing then you'll want to get the new furry and funky animal print iPals are a great way to enjoy listening to your favourite tunes.

iPals are good quality soft speakers for your iPod, MP3 player or CD player. Just plug in your iPod and place it in your iPal’s pouch and listen to your chosen tracks without headphones.

The cuddly music machine now comes in a variety of cool animal prints and has arms, legs and large round poseable eyes as speakers, so you can chill out to some relaxing sounds on your iPal wherever you are. More iPal colours and styles are expected soon, so keep an eye out!

If that is even too ordinary then the new Smonsters are also a cool way to listen to funky tunes.

These weird and wonderful Smonsters come in bright colours and have bags of personality!