These days a phone isn't just a phone, it's an MP3 player; and a lamp is no longer just a lamp, but also a speaker.

The Duo Soundolier is a tall uplighter that features wireless integration with your home entertainment system.

One can be used as a single stereo speaker, or put them together to make a stereo pair.

The light can be dimmed with a foot switch, while the speakers are controlled by a panel towrds the top.

At the moment they're only available in white, but other colours should soon be available. It receives signal from a dedicated wireless transmitter that plugs in to the music player.

The Soundolier Duo can be expanded to include a subwoofer or second transmitter thanks to a 3.5mm line output jack, while a 3.5mm input jack lets you connect quickly to MP3 players or gaming systems.

Each one costs $280, while the transmitter costs another $80.