Danish sound design company Jamo has updated and refreshed its various speaker ranges in time for CES.

The Concert E8 series has been replaced by the new C60 series, which is available in either a wood veneer or black finish.

Designed for both home entertainment systems, the C60 contains eight models: two floorstanding speakers, two bookshelf models, a centre channel, a diapolar surround speaker, and a two active subwoofers. The range feature de-coupled silk-dome tweeters, a special tweeter faceplate to enable even sonic dispersion, and hard conical cones.

Also new to the company is the C80 series premium Hi-Fi and home cinema speakers, also available in Black Ash or Dark Apple. All the models include the same features as the C60, with the additions of a Centre-Plug, a replacement for the dust cap; Active Impedence Correction to enhance midrange clarity; and Bi-wireable terminals that provides for bi-wiring and bi-amping.

Finally, Jamo has introduced a new Graphic model of wall-mounted stereo speakers with interchangeable covers to match home decor.

They each measure just 80mm deep, so are out of the way on the wall. They still manage to contain a two-way, rear-ported drive unit with a 5.25-inch woofer and a 1-inch tweeter.

Available colours include black, light brown, and lime green.

And in other news, Jamo has updated its i300 iPod speaker system to include video capabilities with the addition of an S-video output.