SDI Technologies Inc today unveiled the iHome iH19 portable water-resistant stereo sport case, perfect for protecting your iPod in style.

The iH19 is a compact and sturdy sound system specially designed for portability. Its water-resistant protective sports case is stylish, lightweight, and more importantly, rugged, which means users can enjoy it anywhere, whether on the beach, by the pool or simply chilling out in the garden. The low-profile protective case zips up and encloses your iPod, protecting it from the elements whilst delivering great stereo sound. When you close the case, the external control panel takes over, allowing users to share their music over the speakers.

The iH19 also comes complete with two brackets allowing you to attach it quickly and easily to your exercise equipment and a hold switch, which prevents inadvertent operation. Whilst the iH19 docks with your protected iPod inside the zipped-up case, it is also possible to connect a Shuffle or any other MP3 player using the unit’s 3.5mm jack.

Ezra Ashkenazi, President, SDI Technologies Inc, commented: “To make it user friendly we incorporated a convenient remote controller on the outside of the case to control iPod volume and song selection without ever having to open the case. There is a huge market of active iPod users out there crying for a product they can take with them and use anywhere, anytime and we believe the iH19 is this product”.

Conveniently, the iH19 comes with UK, US, and European clip on plug adapters meaning there is no need to carry a separate travel adaptor when on the move.

The iH19, already available through most major retailers in the US, will be available from all major retailers in the UK, priced at £59.99.