Although it launched two new speaker sets earlier this week at CES 2007, Griffin has used MacWorld 2007 to launch a new speaker system it's calling Evolve.

The new system consists of a flat charging base that holds your iPod in a universal dock. On either side are charging stations for two cube-shaped speakers, each housing its own battery powered pack that will then work independently in another room.

Called EasyCharge, the speaker needs only to be placed on the dock to charge via its three connector pins. The battery-powered speakers will give you up to 10 hours of music from a 2 hour charge and each speaker features its own on/off power switch and automatic sleep mode for power conservation.

Evolve's main asset however is its wireless functionality. It boasts a range of around 150 feet, although a spokesperson for the company told us that he has seen the system working up to 300 feet and the two speakers can be put in different rooms.

Furthermore Griffin has said that you will be able to add further speakers to the system by simply syncing them with the base station - a case of plonking them on top to register.

Priced at $349 in the US, Griffin says the new speaker system will be available in the US sometime over the summer and in the UK in time for Christmas.