And voila, our first iPod speaker system of the year is the George.

The first product from Chestnut Hill Sound, this neat little white box features a detachable remote control that functions as the units control panel when attacked.

The rather chunky remote has a large screen that displays song information in an interface that looks somewhat like the one on an older, 3G iPod.

It's deliberately been designed with with a large feel to it, and has a protruding volume control to make it easy to find and operate.

The radio features Bandless tuning, which means that you can scroll through FM and AM radio stations without switching bands. However, it doesn't seem to offer DAB radio, which seems an oversite on a new, and supposedly top of the line radio speaker like this one.

Sound is produced by 2-way speakers and a 4-inch subwoofer, resulting in a 5-speaker system.

Although it comes standard with a white finish, it's possible to get different wood shells and matching grill covers to match it to a more retro decor.

George costs $550, and wood finishes will set you back another $50.