We couldn't let a Friday pass without at least a mention of iPod accessories, so now we bring you two at once.

The first is the iHome iH19 portable water-resistant stereo sport case, designed to keep your iPod snug and splash-free while pumping out tunes through small speakers.

You can play music with the case closed or open; when closed, an external control panel takes over so that users can still control the music, as the iPod is connected via a dock connector.

An external 3.5mm jack means that you can plug in a shuffle or other MP3 player, or listen quietly to your iPod through headphones.

Bundled with clip-on plug adapters, the iH19 costs £60 including VAT.

And if you need a bit more juice out of your iPod, another battery back-up power source is available the ReCharge4.

The ReCharge4 comes in both white and black, and is supplied with an Apple dock connector as well as mobile phone connectors.

It costs £50, and promises to recharge your device up to four times from one mains power charge.