TerraTec has launched a new standalone internet radio with WLAN connectivity so that you can play audio tracks from your collection, as well as internet and FM radio.

The Noxon iRadio connects to your WLAN set up in your house via a wireless router. It can also be connected to broadband via an ethernet connection.

It supports the playback of MP3 and WMA files at up to 320kbps, can handle Microsoft DRM-protected files, and supports WEP and WPA encryption.

To get it to work with a Mac, you have to use the bundled Elgato's EyeConnect, so it's not quite as simple as connecting it to a PC; Twonkyvision MusicServer for Windows, Mac, and Linux is also included.

TerraTec also produces the Noxon 2, which connects to your WLAN as well as to your portable music device or external drive via USB.

The Noxon iRadio is now available for £150.