The iHome iH26 iPod clock radio may not be the prettiest iPod dock and speakers that you’ll see, but for those who favour music alarms, it’s just the ticket.

The iH26 shares similar features to its older brother, the iHome iH5 clock radio. It retains many of the original settings, like wake and sleep to iPod, adjustable display brightness, remote control, and charging.

This portable version has speakers that fold down for easy transportation, and a lightweight carrying case with a handle and travel lock to maintain settings so that nothing is altered during transit.

The portable iH26 comes with a universal travel adaptor, so you never have to worry about converters and whether you’ve got the right adaptor; it also features input jacks so that you can play music from devices other than the iPod. The iH26 costs £70 from Dixons and other retailers.