Satellite Radio providers Sirius has launched its Stiletto 100SL100 portable music player designed to work tightly with the radio service.

The device, which owes a bit of its styling to SanDisk’s Sansa, is a more chic device than many portable radios that we see, and lets you listen to both live and recorded Sirius satellite radio in the US, as well as Sirius Internet Radio over wifi networks.

It stores up to 100 hours of Sirius satellite radio programming on its 2GB of memory, and can be programmed to record up to 6-hour blocks of broadcasts. Other benefits include pausing, rewinding, and replaying up to 44 minutes of live radio, 30 channel presets, and GameAlert to let you know when game scores change.

MP3/WMA files can also be transferred to the device with My Sirius Studio software and played back, and music can be purchased through Yahoo Music Jukebox.

For $350, you get the radio, earbuds, antenna headphone for expanded signal reception, batteries, PC cable, AC adapter, and software in the bundle. The Stiletto will ship on 4 October, and you can order one