QDOS, a relative unknown in the world of “Made for iPod” products, has today drawn back the curtain on Genesis, its unique-looking cylindrical portable speaker system.

The cylinder, which comes in both white and black, concertinas so that it can be easily transported. It offers a four-way sound system comprised of four 3W speakers, which should produce a prodigious sound across a 360-degree soundfield.

The unit, which is 85mm tall when closed, and 125mm tall when open, runs on four AA batteries or on mains power. As well as playing audio, it synchronises the iPod when hooked up to a PC and recharges it in the cradle.

Genesis apparently comes in a rather grand, three-drawer box that contains multi-country plug adaptors, interchangeable iPod connectors, and auxiliary and DC cables.

Genesis is available through


for £89.99.