Dixons is serving notice to analogue radios as it announcing its stores will no longer be selling them.

Analogue radios are the latest in a long line of products that Dixons has pulled the plug on. They include VCRs, which were phased out in 2004, and analogue film cameras.

The next to go will be personal CD players and boom boxes, as the trend continues toward digital media devices and hi-fi systems that are adapted for use with MP3 players.

Dixons says that DAB radios now outsell analogue radios by 30 to one, which shows there’s little profitability to be gained in continuing to market them.

However, Dixons stores in airport duty-free and in Ireland will continue to stock the older radios.

Many travellers rely on analogue radios to keep them in touch with the latest news via short-wave broadcasts in remote areas, where digital signals have yet to penetrate.