Combining the old with the new is the Jukebox Station from Pacific Rim technologies.

Basically a glorified iPod dock with speakers, the Jukebox Station is a metre tall and offers 72 Watts of music power from a five speaker system.

With lights galore, the Jukebox flashes and blinks to your hearts delights, and encases its speaker system in wood.

In an unusually generous move, it comes with five adaptors so that any iPod will fit into the Universal Dock; also bundled with it is an infrared remote control.

Audiophiles will be glad to hear that it contains a 6-inch diameter subwoofer and two magnetically-shielded tweeters.

Photos and video stored on the iPod can either be viewed on an in-built display, or on a TV.

Lest you get tired of listening to your iPod, the device also plays CDs and contains an FM radio tuner.

It goes on sale at for $700 on 2 October.