Altec Lansing has announced that it wants to be seen as the provider of top of the range speakers for your iPod.

To help it do that, the company has just launched a new iPod speaker system which it is stating has been "engineered to surpass the top performers in this category with custom-designed drivers and patented bass enhancement technology that rocks even the most classical songs".

The new model, which will go by the name; the M602, is the size of a laptop and features a universal MP3 cradle that creates a stage-like docking system, allowing the player of your choice to stand front and centre.

Sound is provided by two 3 inch full-range drivers and two 1 inch silk dome tweeters with a built in XdB bass enhancement technology for quality bass without a subwoofer

Topping that off, the M602 also comes complete with a composite video output that lets you watch iPod videos on TV and opting for the Bose sound system look the unit can even be wall mounted with an additional kit.

The price? $199.95 of your fine American dollars or £139. The speakers will be out in the UK in september.