The iHome clock radio, now available in the UK, almost guarantees you'll never oversleep again.

It promises a gentle awakening thanks to its Gradual Wake setting that gradually increases music volume to rouse you from your dreams, while the Gradual Sleep setting slowly reduces volume when you're trying to drift off.

The alarm tone is customisable as a buzzer or as music from your MP3 player or the AM/FM radio station.

In case of a power surge at night, the alarm still maintains clock settings, while the automatic reset will wake you at your favoured wake-up time, even if you forget to set it the night before.

And if you should forget to plug your iPod into the dock at night, the alarm will still sound thanks to the buzzer.

The iHome clock radio is available in black or white for £99.99, and is compatible with all iPods as well as other MP3 players.

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