Those who can afford to spend megabucks on the Eclipse egg-shaped speaker pairs will be pleased to note that Eclipse has released a subwoofer to go with them for only £2,700.

The TD725sw has a Square Egg twin driver array that is floated and isolated internally like in the egg speakers, so that no energy is lost into the cabinet and all you hear is the bass.

Its unique selling point is that it delivers ultra-fast, clean, and accurate bass sounds, tracking even the most subtle changes in timing and tempo. This means that the low-frequency sounds remain instep with the rest of the orchestra, which is not the case with most other subwoofers.

The TD725sw is not just restricted for use with other Eclipse speakers, but can work with a wide variety of stereo and surround system, with 2-channel line inputs, an XLR input, speaker level input and output connections and a 2-channel line output.