It's been tried before, most notably with the Soundbug, but Digital Info Technology, believes its solution, the new Nimzy Vibro Blaster speaker system, will allow you to turn any flat surface into a speaker.

No bigger than a tub of Vaseline, the Vibro Blaster promises to be the ultimate portable speaker as long as you've got a flat, solid surface.

The gadget works by transforming sonic signals into sonic mechanical vibrations to produce 15 watts of sound quality to rival some of it’s bigger, bulkier competitors.

The Nimzy Vibro Blaster is not only perfectly portable, it’s also tough. Resistant to extreme temperature levels as well as everyday knocks, the Nimzy Vibro Blaster is compatible with laptops, MP3 players or any audio devices and is available in black and silver.

It is available from and will cost £69.99.