Wurlitzer Jukebox has launched the ultimate iPod accessory - the Wurlitzer One More Time Special Edition for iPod CD Jukebox that comes with a prominently featured integrated iPod Docking Station.

The classic jukebox seen in thousands of Hollywood movies features Bose Acoustimass Speakers and an iPod Docking Station.

Playing the iPod through the OMT Special Edition for iPod is as simple as connecting the iPod to the dock according to the company.

In addition to the iPod option, the OMT Special Edition for iPod is a fully capable CD jukebox with a CD changer that can hold 100 CDs stored vertically in a carousel.

Better still, the unit is equipped with a coin vend mechanism so you can even charge your mates to listen to your CD collection.

"We recognize that a $9500 list price targets a narrow consumer segment, but our research indicates that there is a market for the ultimate iPod accessory and we're excited to bring this wonderful jukebox to market", said General Manager Doug Skor of Wurlitzer Jukebox and Vending, Inc. in America.