A UK company has launched a new canvas speaker system designed to show off your choice of photography and plays almost any sound source - from an iPod to a professional audio visual system.

SoundArt consists of the owner's choice of canvas print, Distributed Mode Loudspeakers which sit in the frame and a subwoofer.

“Unlike thicker, conventional box speakers, which essentially push air, SoundArt speakers generate a natural acoustic sound through vibration, in the same way a note from a solo violin fills a concert hall”, explained SoundArt UK's MD, Jeremy Curtis, adding, “With SoundArt, there are no moving parts, the canvas becomes an integral part of the sound board”.

There's no complicated set-up, just hang on your wall, plug in your music source and enjoy the space around you.

Almost any audio source can be played through it - your Hi-Fi, MP3 player, PC, DVD, CD or the output on your AV system.

SoundArt is available through a nationwide network of stockists, including photographic studios, interior designers and AV specialists.

SoundArt retails from £1,999.