Apple it seems isn't the only company launching an iPod friendly speaker this week. Kensington has launched an iPod dock with flat panel speaker using bi-directional NXT speakers.

The SX2000 speaker system, unlike Apple's new Hi-Fi speaker system offers SurfaceSound flat panel loudspeaker technology from NXT, and promises to deliver superior bass response and sound balance from both sides of the unit.

The ultra thin, light and space saving device measures just 41.1cm wide, 18.3cm tall and 9.9cm deep.

Compatible with all generations of iPod, iPod mini and iPod nano, the "Made for iPod" accredited SX2000 recharges the iPod when docked.

It can also play audio from an iPod shuffle, as well as other sources such as MP3 players, or a computer through a standard 3.5mm headphones jack although the cable is not included.

Costing considerably less that the new Apple speaker set, the SX2000 retails at £99.99 and is available now.