A portable speaker system for the iPod has gone on sale in the UK promising to be the world's loudest portable speaker system.

The Think Outside Boomtube H2O1 is supposedly the first portable speaker system to incorporate both a bass tube and twist-off speakers for true stereo separation and offers over 40watts of sound.

The Boomtube H2O1 features 2-inch aluminum speakers that reproduce sound at the mid- and high-ranges. In addition, Boomtube H2O1 combines two bass drivers with MaxBass technology for lower frequency bass reproduction.

With a lithium rechargeable battery and a carrying case for portability, the whole system weighs just over three pounds. Also included is a 3.5 to 2.5mm adaptor that allows the product to work with music phones.

“The Boomtube H2O1 has over 40 watts of power, which until now has been unheard of in portable speakers. It also offers an integrated sub-woofer, detachable speakers for true stereo separation and an internal rechargeable lithium battery that lasts 5 hours. There really isn't anything quite like it on the market.” said Greg van den Dries CEO and president of Think Outside.

The speaker system is available from


and costs £169.99