A pillow that has two built-in secret speakers that you can connect to an MP3 player or portable Discman has been launched by the RNID in the UK.

The pillow, which promises to “surround you in sound” is available from the organisations Solutions catalogue and is recommend by the RNID for listening to audio books or even Podcasts.

The product was originally developed to help relieve symptoms of tinnitus - the medical term for a ringing sound heard in the ears or in the head - but is also ideal for anyone who wants to fall asleep listening to their favourite tunes in bed without using uncomfortable headphones.

The Sound Pillow costs £24.50, however those looking for a cheaper alternative can opt for a standalone pillow speaker without the pillow.

The tiny speaker can be used with most audio equipment incorporating a 3.5mm headphone socket. The model offers adjustable volume using a rotary dial and costs £5.95.