The new Eclipse Time Domain Speakers - TD510 will set you back £1200 a pair, but do promise the same phase and impulse signal integrity as its larger siblings and delivers unparalleled clarity and signal accuracy for smaller scale applications.

The company's previous set - the Eclipse TD512 and TD508 are used by people like Brian Eno, Randy Brecker and John Williams.

To varying degrees the sound from most loudspeakers is coloured and ‘warmed' by the flapping panels and resonances of a box shaped wooden or plastic cabinet. The TD510 is built to let you hear only the accurate signal from the drive unit, with the cabinet itself adding nothing.

The construction and design of the enclosure and driver assembly, with its' egg-shaped mineral-loaded resin cabinet, provides the most rigid form known to nature. This eliminates internal standing waves and resonances, preventing masking of the audio signal. The baffle is curved at its edge with the drive unit to reduce diffraction and the driver assembly is floated from the enclosure and mounted on the internal stand to avoid transmission of energy to the cabinet.

A large zinc/aluminium/steel anchor weight at the rear of the driver improves transient response, and an exhaust port at the back dissipates energy from the rear of the driver.

A single full-range drive unit is employed in order to maximise time, phase and impulse characteristics. The 10cm driver in the TD510 provides a useable frequency response of 45Hz-20 kHz (-10dB). The use of the single driver avoids the further time and phase distortion associated with any form of crossover circuitry.

The sound of these speakers is exceptionally transparent, with a remarkable sense of scale and possibly the world's finest stereo imaging. Eclipse believe that the clarity and sense of integrity in the reproduction and sound staging across the entire frequency range is as much a characteristic signature of the TD510, as it is the £4000 TD712z.

Potential buyers will be pleased to hear that the optional floor stands are a mere £600 a pair.