Oregon Scientific has announced a wireless speaker system for Apple iPod that is wireless and shaped like a ball.

The roundly shaped speaker with an 8-inch diameter is called the iBall, and it even works with Apple's new iPod nano.

The iBall's transmitter base offers three functions: synchronizing the iPod with the computer, charging the iPod, and broadcasting music wirelessly.

The system works using 2.4 GHz adaptive radio signals to deliver digital stereo audio up to 100 feet away.

Users will be able to control the iPod via the iBall as it has a built-in remote and the LCD display illuminates the time, volume, bass, treble, wireless signal strength, input selection, play/pause status and battery power.

According to the company the iBall will run for up to six to eight hours on rechargeable batteries or from AC adaptor.

Meanwhile the docking station will charge the iiPod and users will be able to synchronize it with iTunesĀ® through standard 30-pin connection to USB or Firewire port connections for your Mac/ PC.

The iBall is compatible with Apple iPod, iPod photo, iPod mini, and iPod shuffle.