Saitek has introduced a new range of speakers for PCs and MP3 players alike with a stylish edge to them. The company has worked closely with speaker manufacturer Mission to create what it believes is high quality Neodymium speakers.

The A-250 speaker lets you access your entire PC or Mac music library wirelessly wherever you are in the house. You can also plug your iPod or MP3 player directly into the speakers.

The smaller A-200 set, has been designed to be small enough to slip into your suitcase or laptop case for music on the move. A unique EAVS (Expanded Air Volume System) chamber expands, increasing the air volume inside the speaker to boost the bass and provide crystal clear sound.

Also launched is an entry level headphones set called the A-300. The over-ear design also boasts the lightweight Neodymium speaker units.

The wireless A-350 headphones take things one stage further. With a 10m range with no interference or signal loss you can keep your iPod safely tucked away in your bag or pocket without any unsightly wires. With a battery charge of 8 hours continuous play you'll have enough juice to last the most demanding commute or gym work-out.

The A-300 Stereo Headphones will cost £19.99, the A-350 Wireless Headphones £79.99, the A-200 Portable 2.1 Speaker System £79.99 and the A-250 Wireless 2.1 Speaker System £99.99.