This is the $2890 Louis Vuitton speaker

The Louis Vuitton Horizon Light Up Speaker definitely has a unique design. It has an 180mm diameter, 140mm height and it's 1kg. (image credit: Louis Vuitton)
The middle ring is tempered glass and has 12 LED engraved Louis Vuitton lights. There's a loop hole at the top for a strap to carry it around. (image credit: Louis Vuitton)
The upper ring is tempered glass and features 23 LED Monogram flowers. They sync to the beat of the music when in use. (image credit: Louis Vuitton)
The touch control bar is positioned vertically in the middle, with microphone on/off, power and other controls. Volume is controlled using the rotating knob. (image credit: Louis Vuitton)
You can use the Horizon Light Up speaker in vertical position or on its side using the rubber feet. It offers 360-degree audio when vertical. (image credit: Louis Vuitton)
The Horizon Light Up Speaker is said to have a 15-hour battery life. It features a 3-inch woofer, two 0.75-inch tweeters, Bluetooth and AirPlay 2. (image credit: Louis Vuitton)
The speaker grill is a combination of polished and matte stainless steel with gunmetal colour PVD coating. It has leather, embossed LV and Monogram logos. (image credit: Louis Vuitton)
The Louis Vuitton Horizon Light Up Speaker will set you back just under $3000. It is available now though, with shipping starting 31 July. (image credit: Louis Vuitton)