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(Pocket-lint) - Mitchell Acoustics has announced a pair of stereo speakers that work like true wireless headphones - they connect to each other via Bluetooth to pair without the need for extra cabling.

The uStream One pair can also playback music from a Bluetooth source, so you can just set them up on a shelf and have proper stereo sound.

Available in either black or white, and priced at £499 for the two, the bookshelf speakers are capable of 100W of total power output. They feature magnesium alloy diaphragms and individual woofers for low bass response.

This woofer design features a 500g neodymium front and back magnet set, with the same magent utilised by the separate tweeter.


Speaker designer Paul Mitchell has a long history in Hi-Fi and wanted to ensure these speakers provided an authentic sound signature, even though they use wireless technologies: "There is a big revival in vinyl which has rekindled interest in the ‘retro’ sound. The ritual of listening to records influences a new generation to care about the quality of what they hear, rediscovering the joy of stereo sound, hearing music as it was originally intended," he said.

"These consumers are now buying wireless speakers, which has become the largest growth segment in audio, with TWS Bluetooth speakers being the most popular."


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Writing by Rik Henderson.
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