(Pocket-lint) - Linn, the Scottish-based speaker firm, has launched its latest speaker, with the hope of appealing to those who want streaming music and high-quality sound, while at the same time stepping away from its traditional loudspeaker heritage. 

Claiming to be the "best-sounding wireless speaker in the world", it looks to challenge companies like Devialet.

The speaker company, famous for a range of high-end speakers over the past 40 years, is hoping that its customers will be inspired by the approachability of the new speaker - some of the company's leading speakers can cost north of £50,000.

The new Series 3 speaker will focus on offering top-quality sound and support several streaming services like Spotify, Amazon Music HD, Spotify, Tidal, and Linn's own streaming music manage service.

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The speaker, which resembles a large wine glass, is encased in a white gloss ceramic, with an egg-shaped speaker grille on the front. Controls are found on a cut glass plate at the top. It sports a number of touch-sensitive controls, although you can control the device via a dedicated accompanying app on your mobile phone, too.

Pocket-lintLinn Series 3 speaker embraces streaming services and HD audio image 2

Built by hand in Scotland, the new speaker will feature the ability to run as a single speaker or a stereo pair, and it features HMDI Arc connectivity for you to connect it to a number of different sources beyond the wireless services supported.

Understanding its customers want to get to the music straight away, there will be an option for you to select up to six favourites, be it a single song, an album, a radio station, or a service.

Surprisingly, it won't, however, feature support for Apple's AirPlay 2, or any personal voice assistants like Google Assistant or Alexa.

The company has said that it doesn't want to be drawn into picking an intelligent assistant, instead preferring to let you connect an Echo Dot and the such like if you want voice control.

The new speaker will cost £2,950 for one, or £5,450 if you want to have two to create a stereo pair.

The new Series 3 speaker is available in a white and gold finish, which is exclusive to Harrod's in London, plus a chrome version, which will be available in the usual retail channels in 2020.

Writing by Stuart Miles.