Q Acoustics has announced some excellent deals on its M3 soundbar and M2 soundbase. 

The M3 is an excellent soundbar that was previously on sale for £299. It's now available at a super-reduced price. You can place the soundbar in or on top of the cabinet or on the wall - you can set the soundbar up to match the location you choose. 

It's a simple yet effective way to beef up your TV's audio and because it uses HDMI ARC to connect to your TV, there's no problem with it knowing what source you're using. You're also able to connect via Bluetooth to listen to your music from your phone or other devices. 


If the M3 isn't up your street, there's also a top deal on the M2 soundbase, former recipient of a Pocket-lint Editor's Choice award.

A soundbase is physically more compact than a soundbar and can sit underneath any TV - providing it hasn't got a sprawling stand - or in a wide TV cabinet.

The M2 is a fairly unassuming box with a matte black finish that packs some serious punch - total output power of the unit is rated at 80 Watts, comprising 2 x 20 Watt speaker drivers and a 40 Watt downward firing subwoofer.


The Q Acoustics M3 soundbar has received a serious price cut image 2