(Pocket-lint) - When we first heard Q Acoustics' Concept 500 floorstander speakers we were blown away and now the British company has launched the Concept 300 version. 

Designed as a more "interior-friendly" (not least because the Concept 500s are ginormous), the new speakers are stand mounted with a twist - the stands employ the Tensegrity design principle in its tripod stand. This essentially uses tension to retain structural integrity.

The principle was first used in the Skylon structure from the 1951 Festival of Britain which looked as if it was floating above the ground. Actually, of course, it was supported by cables. The top of the structure was nearly 90 metres up!

But the stand also has a practical use - it completely eradicates vibration both downwards from the speaker and upwards from the floor. Like the Concept 500 and cheaper 3000i series, the Concept 300s feature internal point-to-point bracing to ensure unwanted vibrations are eliminated. 

Q Acoustics

The dual-finish speaker cabinet is made from wood veneer and a silver and ebony finish is now available as well as gloss black/rosewood and gloss white/oak models. The cabinet is also constructed using a "dual gelcore" finish as with the Concept 500s - essentially this means there are three layers of wood veneer with non-setting gel in between them. Sounds bizarre we know, but again it's to eliminate unwanted vibrations. 

The Concept 300 speakers are available for £2,999/$4,499. 

Q Acoustics
Writing by Dan Grabham.