(Pocket-lint) - Ruark has announced the Ruark R5, a new all-in-one music system that follows the company's principals in uncompromising quality.

The R5 slots into the line-up under the flagship R7 radiogram, carrying with it great retro design and a build quality that will embarrass the latest smart speakers

The Ruark R5's focus is on music and sound quality, so it doesn't give you those latest smart voice control options - nor does it work with Alexa or Google Assistant. But that doesn't mean it isn't smart. 

The R5 supports the latest streaming services via Wi-Fi, offering Spotify Connect and support for Tidal, Deezer and Amazon Music. It also offers aptX HD for high fidelity Bluetooth streaming. It also offers internet radio to tune into all those niche stations you love.

Pocket-lintRuark R5 is an all-in-one music system that puts quality first image 2

An apps for Android or iPhone gives you complete control of the R5, including tuning the sound output and enabling multi-room linking to other Ruark devices, such as the excellent MRx.

Naturally it offers DAB and retains an optical disc player in the centre of its facia. Yes, CDs are very much on the menu. You also have the option of physically connecting external devices, with USB, optical and analogue connections, including a RIAA turntable input if you're riding the vinyl wave. 

The Ruark R5 offers a 2.1 speaker arrangement and having heard the R5 in action, it carries with it the warmth and power that you'd expect from a £999 sound system. But for that you get something you'll be proud to give surface space to, with a choice of walnut veneer or slightly more contemporary soft grey.

Pocket-lintRuark R5 is an all-in-one music system that puts quality first image 5

The classic Ruark RotoDial controller sits in the top, while the included remote mirrors these controls so you never have to move off the sofa. 

Certainly, it's a system for music lovers who care more about design and sound quality than they do about having the latest smart speaker functions; the Ruark R5 is another statement piece from the company and it can be yours from the likes of John Lewis or Selfridges for £999.

Writing by Chris Hall.