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(Pocket-lint) - Klipsch has unveiled a full range of premium soundbars for 2019, not only promising to deliver a big sound quality boost for your TV, but also shoe-horning in all the connectivity you could want, across five different models. The design model closely resembles Klipsch's reference speakers.

There's an entry-level model, the Bar 40, which is a pretty standard 40-inch soundbar - with a built-in subwoofer (or optional separate woofer) - and there's a 48-inch models too - but beyond these models, things start to get a little more connected and a little smarter.

Klipsch Bar 40G

The Klipsch Bar 40G takes the regular base model and adds Google Assistant, making it a great upgrade for a room with no other connectivity. You'll be able to get the Bar 40G to act as your personal assistant, talking directly to it to get it to control your music or provide other information - as well as boosting your TV sound.

Klipsch Bar 48W

The Bar 48W adds a whole range of technology and will appeal to those already living in a connected home. It works with Googlecast and Alexa - meaning you can control it from other devices or add it to multiroom groups on those systems - and it also works with AirPlay 2, so sits nicely within the Apple home too. It also supports DTS Virtual:X surround sound. 

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Klipsch Bar 54A

This 54-inch wide bar takes everything that the 48W does and adds another dimension - height. Yes, the Bar 54A supports Dolby Atmos and DTS:X for a more immersive home cinema experience, while still playing nice with your Google, Alexa or AirPlay systems.

The prices for the Klipsch soundbars will range from $299-1,599 and will become available throughout 2019.

Writing by Chris Hall. Originally published on 6 January 2019.