(Pocket-lint) - The DTS Play-Fi platform has incorporated Alexa Cast support, a handy addition for streamers like the Pioneer F4, Arcam rPlay and McIntosh MB50.

Alexa Cast is a little like Google audio Casting. You use it to wirelessly send music from a source to a speaker. But Alexa Cast is specifically made for the Amazon Music app.

As Alexa Cast uses a “direct cloud connection”, you’ll also be able to control music when your phone’s out of range of your home network. That’s pretty neat.

It’s now available in the DTS Play-Fi platform.

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This is good news if your choice of streaming service is as off-kilter as your choice of streamer hardware. DTS Play-Fi tends to be used in higher-end audio gear from brands the average Currys window shopper may not have heard of before.

Speakers and streamer boxes that benefit from this upgrade include the Polk Omni SB1+ soundbar, the McIntosh RS100 speaker and the Klipsch Gate music streamer.

Owners of these somewhat niche speaker may never even use Alexa Cast, given DTS Play-Fi already supports Spotify, Deezer and Tidal. However, it’s good to see a slightly smaller platform in the streamer scene keep up to date with the tech.

Writing by Andrew Williams.