(Pocket-lint) - Take a look at your flatscreen TV. Looks good, right? But how does it sound? When TVs became flat, the room for decent speakers more or less vanished overnight. To remedy this, you need a dedicated speaker that can match the aesthetics of your screen (you know, wide but slim) but provide the sonic oomph you're missing. Like the new BlitzWolf BW-SDB19 soundbar that you can get 19 per cent off for a limited time using the following code: BWSDB19.

The BlitzWolf BW-SDB1has six speakers

Some soundbars have fewer speakers on board, often just four or even two. These can still sound better than a flatscreen’s built-in speakers but tend to be loud rather than richly detailed. By building six full-range speakers plus two diaphragms into the soundbar, BlitzWolf, who makes a range of soundbars and speakers, has added considerable volume but made sure the sound is clearer, too. So you get not only the savage roar of the action-movie special effects, but also the cute dialogue in the romcom, too. That’s not to say it’s incapable of making a noise - it goes to a maximum power of 60W. Which is plenty loud.

There are modes to suit every occasion

It's not just movies that benefit. A Sports mode makes the most of the roar of the crowd, the referee's whistle and the commentator's, er, commentary. Or try News mode which is designed to clarify the voice of the speaker, above the surrounding noise. Or you can choose a Music mode that’s faithful to the sounds of the individual musical instruments. Crystal-clear voices are important in every setting and the BW-SDB1 is designed to deliver these in every situation.

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It's very well-connected

Most soundbars use a connection called Optical Out that goes from the TV to the soundbar. That's here, but unlike many speakers there's also HDMI, a 3.5mm jack and a coaxial cable connector. An optical cable and phono to 3.5mm audio cable are supplied.

Incidentally, the HDMI has something called Audio Return Channel. This means that if your TV is compatible, you can connect a Blu-ray player, say, to the speaker and the speaker will send video and audio to the TV, with audio from other TV sources able to come back down the same cable, which can simplify your home cinema set-up.

It works as a regular music player, too

When you’re not watching TV, the BW-SDB1 can play your music as well. That’s because there’s one other connection - Bluetooth version 4.2. So, all you need to do is pair your smartphone or tablet, for instance, with the speaker and you can wirelessly play tracks from your device to your room-filling soundbar.

It’s smart

You can set the Blitzwolf BW-SDB1 so that it can automatically turn on and off when your TV does and can even remember settings like the EQ mode when you do so. What’s more, it can ensure that it comes on to a reasonable volume rather than blasting out noisily as you turn it on. Smart also means it’s easy to set up, whichever connection you choose. The combination of power, scene modes and tremendous value make the Blitzwolf BW-SDB1 a compelling upgrade to a flatscreen TV.

Special Offer

You can get 19 per cent off the new Blitzwolf BW-SDB1 for a limited time using the following code: BWSDB19.