(Pocket-lint) - Swedish flat-pack furniture retailer Ikea has entered the AV market for the first time, by launching its very own wireless Bluetooth speakers.

Called the Eneby, the new range is available in two sizes: 20 x 20cm and 30 x 30cm and in white, grey or black colour finishes (the larger speaker is only available in black or white).

These speakers aren't the result of a collaboration with Sonos, as those multi-room products won't be available until 2019, but they do represent the company's desire to take over all aspects of your home. 

Like the rest of Ikea's furniture, the Eneby has been designed with a minimalist look, and like some other Scandinavian speakers, has a mesh fabric front panel. Ikea says this can be removed, exposing the speaker drivers behind, allowing you change the look. Better yet, the Eneby speakers require no assembly.

Both sizes of Eneby speaker can be wall mounted, fixed to a dedicated speaker stand or be placed perfectly in Ikea's Kallax or Eket storage systems. The smaller Eneby speaker also has a carry handle and can be married to an optional battery pack to make it portable.

A knob on the front of the speaker can be used to control power, bass, treble or volume and if you want to listen to a non-Bluetooth device, you can do so by connecting it via the 3.5mm auxiliary input.

Up to eight Bluetooth devices can be connected to the Eneby speakers at one time, to save you disconnecting and reconnecting when someone else wants to take over as DJ, and a power save feature automatically turns the speakers off if it's not used for a prolonged period of time.

Evanthia Nikoglou, Sales Leader for Lighting and Electronics at Ikea UK and Ireland said: "The new Ikea range is incredibly exciting for us. Sound, just like light, is an important part of creating atmosphere within the home.

"It is able to bring a space to life and give it soul which is why we’ve turned our attention to sound and created Ikea’s first ever speakers."

Ikea's Eneby speakers are available now, for £45 for the small model and £80 for the larger. The speaker stand and optional battery pack (available for the smaller Eneby only) cost £15 each.

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Writing by Max Langridge.