(Pocket-lint) - Sonos has used its 4 October event in New York to announce that all of its current speakers, along with the newly announced Sonos One, will be able to download a software update in 2018 that will grant them AirPlay 2 compatibility.

AirPlay 2 is the latest version of Apple's audio and video streaming platform, and for most speaker partners, new products need to be produced to reap the new benefits it brings. Not so with Sonos, as you won't need to go out and buy a new speaker to take advantage of the new features.

You will be able to stream music to any and all of your Sonos speakers as you would with any other AirPlay speaker, by selecting it as an output device from within whichever music streaming app you're using.

With the introduction of AirPlay 2, Apple has also made it possible to control speakers individually, just as you could already do via the Sonos app.

Sonos didn't make clear if different songs can be sent to different speakers if you're controlling via AirPlay 2, however you will be able to control individual volumes.

The AirPlay 2 update for all Sonos speakers, including the PlayBar and PlayBase, will be available to download in 2018. Sonos will give an exact date closer to the rollout time.

Writing by Max Langridge.