(Pocket-lint) - Danish audio brand Dynaudio, best known for its high-end loudspeakers, has turned its hand to a more lifestyle product in the form of Music, its very first multi-room music system.

Not only has Dynaudio designed and produced the four speakers in the range, but it has also paid particular attention to the companion app and developed some incredibly clever algorithms.

The Music system comprises the Music 1, a small portable speaker with an eight hour battery life and 80 Watts of power for £450; the Music 3, which also has an eight hour battery life but 120 Watts of power for £575; the Music 5, a mains-powered speaker with 250 Watts of power for £700; and the Music 7 with two 5-inch woofer and 300 Watts of power for £875. The Music 7 can also be used as a soundbar thanks to an HDMI input.

All four speakers can stream music via Wi-Fi, Spotify Connect, aptX Bluetooth, Apple AirPlay and from DLNA devices on your home network.

You can also play music back from an iPhone via USB or any other device via 3.5mm auxiliary input. The Music 5 and Music 7 also have digital optical inputs.

Up to six speakers can be connected at one time and controlled either individually, or in groups via the Dynaudio app.
So, with the speakers out the way, let's move on to those clever algorithms.

Dynaudio wants you to use the Music system to not only listen to music in great quality, but to discover new music too. When you first setup the system, the app will ask you for your musical tastes.

It will then use these to automatically generate playlists that you can start playing at the touch of a button. It's a similar concept to Spotify's Discover Weekly and Apple's curated playlists, but Dynaudio is pretty proud of how accurate its recommendations can be.

Each Music speaker also has RoomAdapt technology built in, which constantly analyses the room and the position it's in, to adjust the sound to be the best it can be. If you pick a speaker up and move it somewhere else, the speaker will automatically readjust itself.

NoiseAdapt technology also analyses the noise levels in the room and will increase the volume of frequencies it believes to be important if the noise levels rise.

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Dynaudio says you won't notice the technologies working, but you'll definitely notice they're not there if you turn them off.
Each speaker is available in Light Grey, Dark Grey, Red and Blue cloth finishes, they are Scandinavian after all, and all will be launching soon.

Writing by Max Langridge.