(Pocket-lint) - British audio company Q Acoustics has announced its latest home entertainment product, the M2 soundbase, which is designed to deliver a big sound at a small price.

Getting decent sound in your living room or bedroom when watching movies or listening to music can be cumbersome. You either need to invest in a full surround sound package, which takes up space and can be expensive, or you get a soundbar. But for some, even a soundbar can be tricky to accommodate.

That's where a soundbase comes in. It's physically smaller than a soundbar, and can support the weight of a TV. Q Acoustics has listened to customer feedback and developed its own in the M2, and we've had the chance to have an ears-on with one at an exclusive preview.

The M2 is a fairly unassuming box with a matte black finish, but inside Q Acoustics has implemented its extensive knowledge of speaker technology. Total output power of the unit is rated at 80 Watts, comprising 2 x 20 Watt speaker drivers and a 40 Watt downward firing subwoofer.

The drivers benefit from Balanced Mode Radiator speaker technology, which delivers a 180-degree soundfield from the drivers, to generate a room-filling sound.

It also means the M2 can eliminate the sweet spot in the room, so everybody can get the same sound no matter where they're sitting.

The M2 has been designed to be used with both movies and music, and from our initial demonstration, it handles both incredibly well. In its regular mode, the M2 is set up for music playback. Vocals are clear and punchy, with a hefty, but not overbearing, amount of bass weight backing them up.

When you want to switch to movies, you can press a new EQ button on the credit card-sized remote control. This adjusts the M2's sound profile to generate more bass. No matter how much bass you go for, the M2 remains distortion-free thanks to a rigid wooden cabinet.

Q Acoustics has also thought about placement when designing the M2, and has given it some settings to adjust the sound accordingly. Some users will place it inside a cabinet, so there is a switch on the back to adjust the sound depending on whether it's small or large.

Others will put it on top of a cabinet with the TV placed on top - the M2 can support a weight of up to 25kg - and so a third switch position will again adjust the sound profile to best suit the surroundings.

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The M2 has an extensive range of connections, comprising HDMI Arc, meaning you can use your TV remote to control volume levels, digital optical, RCA input and 3.5mm auxiliary input. You can also stream music wirelessly via aptX Bluetooth.

It's an incredibly accomplished unit, and we can't wait to get one in for a full review. If you can't wait and want to boost the sound of your TV sooner, then the Q Acoustics M2 is available now for £299.

Writing by Max Langridge.