(Pocket-lint) - AC Worldwide, the audio manufacturer behind the excellent C-3PO, Stormtrooper, Darth Vader and Halo's Master Chief Bluetooth speakers has started a Kickstarter funding round for another licensed product. This time though, it's not just a speaker, it also contains a HD security camera and full Alexa support.

The Terminator T-800 Endoskeleton Smart Speaker and Camera is modelled around the exposed head of the evil droid from the first movie.

It is 18-inches tall and made from polished alloy. Plus, thanks to the manufacturing process, every speaker made will be unique in some way. They will also each be individually serial numbered.

Indeed, some of the serial numbers will be held for Kickstarter backers who are willing to pay for the privilege - they have connotations with the film series.

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For example, the speaker with serial number ACW-T-800 is available to one backer who coughs up £780 ($999). Early bird standard versions cost £280 ($362) each. The full retail price on their release in February 2018 will be $499 (around £380).

If you miss out on the early bird version, you can also back one for £315 ($399) which will include a collectors' box.

The speaker itself contains one ported subwoofer and a 5W driver. It supports Bluetooth connectivity and Wi-Fi (for Alexa). The HD camera also has automatic night vision and motion activation. Footage can be viewed in real time or stored in the cloud via AC Worldwide's dedicated app for iOS and Android.

The Kickstarter funding round will last until Sunday 27 August. ACW is looking for £135,000.

Writing by Rik Henderson.