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(Pocket-lint) - Porsche Design makes a habit of building tech gadgetry with a twist, even allying with other manufacturers, such as BlackBerry, for limited edition products in the past.

There are few products as "unique" as its latest piece of home tech wizardry though. The Porsche Design 911 Bluetooth Speaker is certainly styled very differently to anything we've seen before.

Coming with a 60-watt system output and Bluetooth 4.0 for wireless aptX support, it is not only designed to look like the tailpipe cover of the 911 GT3, it uses the tailpipe cover of the car.

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The company claims this enables the speaker to supply "maximum power and sound", much like the growl that usually emirates from the GT3's exhaust.

As well as the grunt of the Porsche aesthetics, the 911 Speaker has NFC and easy-pairing connectivity, can be used in stereo or party modes, and sports a 10 metre range.

It weighs a meaty 3.3kg and also includes an analogue input for audio sources that aren't Bluetooth.

The Porsche Design 911 Speaker will be available this month, July, from Porsche Design shops and centres, both physical and online. It is priced at $550 (around £428).

It's not the first time Porsche has dabbled in interesting looking speakers, who can forget the €3,300 Porsche Design 911 Soundbar.

Writing by Rik Henderson.